Can you undo a sct tuner firmware update

can you undo a sct tuner firmware update

can you undo a sct tuner firmware update

 · This will ensure you have all the latest SCT software and firmware updates. This also ensures you get the most out of your hand held tuning device! Now those of you who already have a SCT tuner, you can also take advantage of their firmware updates as well. Latest updates have unlocked the ability to hold more custom tunes and added updated preloaded tuning capabilities for …

Update: NEW Firmware and Tune Revision. By TeamSCT on 2/17/2016. We just released new firmware and tune revision for Part Number: 7015 Firmware: Added Tire Size for 2015-2016 F-150 2.7L, 3.5L NA, 3.5L Ecoboost and 5.0L. Fixes reading strategy on 03-07 6.0L Super Duty. Tune Revision: Added 2016 F-250 6.2L Strategy BRBU1. Added 2010 f-150 4.6L Strategy RXGE7. Added Tire Size …

 · Bama and I go to tune and I had to upgrade the firmware. I got the program and updated the firmware to the latest one there is. When I went to load the tune,I see the three tunes on the tuner,but I get the message "cant update file latest tune revision".Even though no tune loaded,after my gas gauge didn,t work and dash showed 0 miles till empty.I disconnected the battery and everything is …

 · "Would you return the car to the stock tune. Load the updates. then reflash to the new setup." I got stuck at the track trying to update a tune over the wi-fi at the track. Then, the car wouldn't start. I had to call SCT friday at 6:30 pm and they sent me a recovery tune. Now, according to the sct tuner, I have no stock tune to load back to. It ...

 · I updated mine a while ago, and never had that problem. But I have heard of some people, having update issues with their firmware. Try updating you software, with the tuner plugged into the USB port and that may cure your problem, Mike. SCT Tuner.:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup

 · Click here to see more videos about SCT Products: Updating your SCT tun...

 · Called SCT and they had to remote connect to my PC to manually update firmware. They really should just put the firmware on their website, not like it was a hard task to do. But either way, its updating correctly now, just have to reload my tunes to it, then to my car, then data log and shoot the log off the BAMA! I have been running on stock tune for 2 days now, and omg I forgot how gutless ...

Where to Buy You can find a full selection of Bama Custom Tunes including Bama Tuners, Cold Air Intake & Tuner Combos and more at Need Help? Whether you need help ordering a tune, loading a tune or just want to talk Mustangs, our …

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