Gear s3 change firmware for samsung pay

gear s3 change firmware for samsung pay

gear s3 change firmware for samsung pay

 · I have just returned to Australia from Vietnam, where I picked up a Gear S3 Classic, which I'm loving. Unfortunately though, it's firmware is Vietnamese, and doesn't let me do things like use Samsung Pay. I would like to flash the watch to either US or Australian firmware, but am frightened of bricking my watch. I've gone through the forums but ...

Unless Samsung change something in the future im afraid you maybe stuck. On a phone a person can consider replacing the current firmware with a custom Rom i.e. the firmware for their own country but im unsure wether this can be achieved on the Gear s3. This is one reason I bought my Samsung Gear s3 frontier watch from Samsung in the UK.

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 · I just bought a Gear S3 Classic in Germany and I have noticed a few things. First of all, Samsung Pay is not available (it's not installed on the watch and it doesn't appear in the settings of my Samsung Gear app on my phone). I'm presuming that's because Samsung Pay isn't available yet in Germany? Also, some apps can't be found (like Uber) and other apps have German descriptions, …

Check out our support resources for your Gear S3 frontier SM-R765T to find manuals, specs, features, and FAQs. You can also register your product to gain access to Samsung's …

CSC stands for Consumer Sales Code which determines where your device is from. By changing it from Canada (No Samsung Pay on watch) to US (Has Samsung Pay on watch), it allows Samsung Pay to be downloaded on the watch. Flash at your own risk! I followed the instructions and it all went well for me. My Gear Info: Canadian Gear S3 Classic SM-R770

I have a Galaxy Note 9 from Australia and I live in the UAE. The Samsung Pay shows only Australian content. I flashed the device with the official UAE firmware (XSG). Samsung Pay works with my UAE cards and has no issues processing payments in local shops. It just keeps showing Australian ads and offers that don't apply to the UAE.

Open the Samsung Gear app on your smartphone to pair your Gear S3 and you're ready to go. The Gear S3 also works with a wide range of smartphones. The Gear S3 …

Install the latest Samsung Gear software version before updating your Samsung Gear S3 frontier software. Visit the Galaxy Apps store (Samsung smartphones only) or the Google Play store (all Android devices). Download and install the latest Samsung Gear application update or newer.

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