How to downgrade 3ds firmware to 8.1.0-19x

how to downgrade 3ds firmware to 8.1.0-19x

how to downgrade 3ds firmware to 8.1.0-19x

 · Today I'll be showing you how to upgrade or downgrade your 3DS to a specific firmware WITHOUT a game cart or flashcart. I've put 3DNUS and sysUpdater all in ...

 · Place all of the CIAs for the update you wish to downgrade to into the folder. Eject your SD card, put it into your 3DS, and boot. Open up the Homebrew Launcher in your entrypoint of choice and start the sysUpdater app. If everything goes well, you should have some options. Since we're downgrading, you can go ahead and press the Y button.

 · Hinweis: Da TitleDB am 28.12.18 geschlossen hat muss der SafeSysUpdater manuell herunterladen und installiert werden. An alle New2ds Nutzer: Downgradet euer ...

 · In this video i will be showing you how to downgrade the 3ds from 10.3 down to 9.2. **Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes and i can not and will not be held responsible for any ...

 · This guide show shows you how to downgrade your old 3DS or 2DS firmware (Doesn't work on New 3DS... see other guide). SAFE sysUpdater:

 · If we can hit 100+ Like on today's video it would mean the world to me! Files to EVERYTHING you need: HUGE thanks ...

 · Hi guys! This is my third installment of my 3DS Hacking series. I made sure not to cut any steps so you guys have no chance of error. I have other videos rel...

 · note: this video will work on new 3DS you need just to make sure you turn on the Wi-Fi on your new 3DS before downgrade! OLD 3DS SAFEHAX -USA - 11.0 11.1 ...

how to downgrade 3ds firmware to 8.1.0-19x ⭐ LINK ✅ how to downgrade 3ds firmware to 8.1.0-19x

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