Linksys firmware version cve 2017-14491

linksys firmware version cve 2017-14491

linksys firmware version cve 2017-14491

Avast has just reported that my router has this DNSMasq vulnerability. The EA6900 v1.1 is currently running the latest firmware, the license for which indicates that version 2.55 of DNSMasq is included.. Avast tells me "The issue was fixed in DnsMasq software version 2.78, released in October 2017.". Is there any reason why Linksys can't update this software module?

Re: EA6900 v1.1 and cve-2017-14491 Avast found this firmware vulnerable via an active scan, so it's not clear why your engineers believe it is not. I can query the DNS software version in my EA6900 and see that it is based on dnsmasq-2.55.

Avast Vulnerability Catalogue ID CVE-2017-14491 for the Nighthawk R7000 ac1900 dualband wifi router I have got this report from Avast and Bitdefender after scanning my network and i have the latest firmware for my router. Any ideas if Netgear is working on a firmware update for this problem. Please let me know , Thank you . Solved! Go to Solution. Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi ...

Avast free reports catalog ID CVE-2017- 14491. Linksys smart wifi 05097. Avast says to update router. That's it - Answered by a verified Network Technician

Hi, po22. Thanks for letting us know about this. As of now, we don't have an ETA regarding the new firmware of the LRT224. Please refer to the setup guide to double check the configuration of the router. We will relay this information to our Product Management team. You may also send the details o...

 · Newer Linksys routers include automatic software downloads and change default passwords during set up so newer Linksys mesh and EA/WRT routers are not known to be affected. If customers believe they have been infected, we recommend customers update to the latest firmware and perform a factory reset of their router. To perform a factory reset, instructions can be found here. …

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